Dead Dog
The title derives from a meteor strike in Nakhla, rural Egypt in 1911 in which a dog was apparently killed, the only recorded instance of this type of abrupt end.  

Collaboration, Audience, Simultaneity, Event, Site.

Have been the core elements of Virus activity for almost 10 years.

Through a series of experiments, events, invitations, objects, projections, texts and dialogues Virus will bring each of these into sharp focus and question our own and shared concerns.

The catalyst for this is the notion of the rare event and the relevance of site.

Documentation of both events will be collated and published after the events and supplemented by texts from experts in relevant areas, e.g. statistician, meteorite expert, etc.

The project will provoke positive debate and develop stronger international links. It will generate a mass of critical dialogue by recognising the potential of utilising non-gallery sites, publication and the Web as environments that democratise artwork. By using these methods Virus hope to establish a dialogue with the maximum potential audience.

The artists, some of whom have never visited or exhibited in Scotland before, will be invited to respond to the sites thereby establishing an alternative, informed and exploratory view of a familiar social and historical landscape. The project is a serious, unique and timely exploration of the context and fabric of the city from a strong and diverse mix of artists.

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